Tools of Knowledge

Modelling the Creative Communities of the Scientific Instrument Trade, 1550-1914

Object Itineraries and Tools of Knowledge

by Sarah Middle One aspect of the data enhancement that forms part of the Tools of Knowledge project involves connecting the remodelled SIMON database with object data from partner institutions. Bringing in object data, as a first step, allows us to make more connections, undertake new kinds of analysis, and reveal new stories about makers,Continue reading “Object Itineraries and Tools of Knowledge”

Data Modelling Workshop, 23-24 May 2022 By Sarah Middle, Duncan Hay and Alex Butterworth Last month, the three of us met in Cambridge for a two-day workshop focused on modelling the core, meticulously cleaned data from the legacy SIMON (Scientific Instrument Makers, Observations and Notes) using an event-based structure and (in doing so) getting toContinue reading

Supply chains: lifting the lid on the scientific instrument trade Posted on 16 March 2022 by Boris Jardine On October 21, 1830, the Holborn optician and instrument maker William Harris confided to his assistant William Jonas that he was feeling ‘apprehensive’. The reason: debt. To the outside world, Harris’ business might have looked like itContinue reading